Anti-Vibration Control System

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Project overview

Project name: Anti-Vibration Control System (AVCS)
Client: Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd (Rainhouse) – “Internally Sponsored”
Type of project: Engineering Design, R&D
Industry: Manufacturing Sector / Aeronautic Sector
Awarded: March 2021
Delivery: March 2022

Rainhouse Canada is committed to making progress in producing and developing Smart Cutting Tools for advanced manufacturing

The Project Goal
This project aims to develop a sensor that will measure vibrations within a machine tool to improve the quality and optimize the process to create parts. This process will address undesirable machining conditions and allow for higher quality, and improved efficiency in the machining process.

Project Benefits
This project will make fantastic improvements in the industry, allowing us to integrate mechanical, electrical, and software solutions to optimize the machining process. We will be able to measure, record, and analyze vibration data to compute and apply corrective actions based on the sensor readings and without an operator’s intervention.