ToolSense – Smart Cutting Tool Technology.

ToolSense – Smart Cutting Tool Technology.

At Rainhouse, we have joined efforts with the National Research Council – Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies Center (NRC-AMTC) and key members of the Swedish manufacturing industry to work on the ToolSense project.

The ToolSense project aims to develop smart tools for metal and tool cutting by obtaining information and feedback from thin-film and nano-sized semiconductor device manufacturing nodes located on the tool and platform. Our objective is to develop, upscale, and commercialize this Smart Cutting Tool so it can be implemented in the manufacturing of advanced aeronautic and hydraulic components.

This multi-sensory Smart Tool will measure and monitor vibration, force, temperature, and acoustic emission on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines commonly used in automotive, aerospace and defense, power and energy, construction equipment, and industrial sectors to perform multiple operations that create low cost and precise parts.



Integrated data collected through sensors on CNC machines will open the CNC market to new commercial tools and applications that create a supportive infrastructure, enabling viable products for use in industry and academia.

Continuous data feedback will streamline machining operations to create improved process control, leading to cost savings, reducing waste, and minimizing re-tooling benefiting the machining industry.

This new technology will also aid academia and scientific pursuits with access to high-resolution time and position data from the sensors. This data will allow significant scientific progress, advanced research and development capabilities for businesses.


At Rainhouse Manufacturing, we will contribute to the ToolSense project using a vibration sensor to identify unfavorable frequencies during the machining process. Also, we will provide an electronic hardware platform powerful enough to run sophisticated applications that will interpret the data in a valuable way to the user.  The vibration sensor will effectively measure frequencies that could be harmful to CNC machines, transmitting the data to the electronic hardware platform.

We will need to create a Vibration Measurement Module, a Multi-sensor Fusion Module, and Stationary and Rotating tools to complete the project.

  • The component to measure vibration is currently characterized and benchmarked, ready to be optimized and validated.
  • The Multi-sensor Fusion Module will integrate high-speed signal processing, wireless data transmission, power supply, and receiving qualities.
  • The stationary and rotating tools are currently in the final stages of development. After completing the development stage, our Consortium Partners from SECO will begin the manufacturing and delivery process.


Once we complete the Vibration Measurement Module (VMM), we will have a “machine-ready test platform” from both the Electronics and Firmware perspective. Once the Vibration Measurement Module (VMM) and the Multi-Sensor Fusion Module (MFM) are working and communicating with each other, we will integrate our hardware solution, created by Rainhouse and SECO, with the designed Stationary and Rotating Tools SECO provided.