Our products help you eliminate challenges and minimize risk during the pandemic.

Learn more about Rainhouse Canada’s products designed to minimize risk and help you navigate the challenges associated with maintaining operations during a pandemic.

Foot Door Pull

The foot door pull is designed to eliminate the need to touch door handles and reduces the number of high touch points within buildings. The three inch metal bracket is easily installed at the bottom of any door, and once the door latch is disabled the door pull acts as a foot handle. Encourages safe, touch-free door use for customers and employees.

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Moist Heat Decontamination Unit

The Moist Heat Decontamination Unit (MHDU) makes it safe and easy to clean and reuse facepiece respirators (N95 masks), surgical masks and other non-wipeable surfaces, to deactivate SARS-CoV-2 from your PPE. Using heat and moisture, the MHDU can decontaminate up to 18 masks per 30-minute cycle, allowing you to process up to 400 masks a day for re-use.

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