Project Management & Engineering

We have the best engineering team to manage your project and provide the best sound solutions.

Research and Development

As big believers in innovation, we built our own in-house research and development department. We’ve accomplished working with an international consortium to develop smart cutting tools.


Aims to develop, upscale, and commercialize Smart Tools capable of wireless acoustic, force, temperature, and vibration measurement. All in partnership with SECO (Team Lead), LUND, AS, MMA, E6, NRC, SECO UK, and BCC.


Aims to create advanced innovative solutions for thermally-assisted machining to become enabling, suitable, and competitive for the processing of metal matrix composites. 

AVCS- Anti-Vibration Control System

Aims to develop analytical, software, and hardware solutions to detect, eliminate, and predict instances of undesirable machining.

Product Design and Assembly services

Consistent with our tagline, we can help you bring your concept to a tangible result from idea to done. By modifying your existing product or helping with the prototyping process, our team can help you reach the next step of the process.

Lets bring your idea to done.

We’ll help you complete the design, procurement, and manufacturing of any components and the assembly to have a final product delivered to your hands.

Examples of projects we’ve completed