Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. cultivates genuine partnerships through collaboration on internal and external projects.

Our capabilities extend far beyond our CNC machining and manufacturing experience to include expertise in engineering, research & development.
Learn more about Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. by reading about some of our internal and external projects.

Rainhouse Internal Projects

Rainhouse Canada has been providing manufacturing expertise and engineering support since 2001. As big believers in innovation, we built our own in-house research and development department. Our internal projects are developed in-house while our external projects are created in collaboration with clients in hopes of addressing different challenges the CNC machining and manufacturing industry face. 

Rainhouse Projects

internal and external Project Thermach

internal and external Project Differential Pressure System

Client’s External Projects

From our facility in Victoria, B.C. we collaborate with our clients to develop sophisticated, integrated solutions. Rainhouse recognizes the importance of collaborating which is why we foster genuine partnerships. When two or more establishments come together with a common goal in mind, the possibility of attaining the goal in an effective and timely manner increases. Rainhouse understands that output is often greater when collaborating with a partner compared to what any individual could have fabricate alone.

Client Projects

We love design and manufacturing challenges