Land Command Support System (LCSS)

We delivered Hardware Brackets to support the Land Command Support System (LCSS) from Public Works and Government Services

Project overview

Project name: LCSS (Land Command Support System) Hardware Brackets
Client: Department of National Defence (DND)
Type of project: Joint Venture, Manufacturing
Industry: Defence
Project completion: May 2021 -The venture began in September 2019.
Location: Victoria, BC

Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. is pleased to work with The Department of National Defence providing a dependable and responsive service.

Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. and NFE Manufacturing Inc. worked together to service the Department of National Defence. Together, requirements were met for Hardware Brackets to be implemented in the Land Command Support System (LCSS).

NFE fabricates and ships a wide range of products, from small, machined parts to large items like conveyors, ramps, and marine bumpers. They are industry leaders with experience in the shipbuilding, mining, and logging sectors.

Joining both of our efforts to obtain this project from Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). We were able to deliver Hardware Brackets for use with the Installation Kit Electronic Assemblies (IKEE) and Assembly Kit Electronic Assemblies (AKEE). These will support the Land Command Support System (LCSS) and the integrated tactical system to provide networking and communication on Canadian Army vehicles.

This partnership allowed us to acquire, manufacture, assemble, inspect, and ship the completed Brackets to Public Works and Government Services Canada.

The project started simultaneously as the Covid-19 pandemic; however, both NFE manufacturing Inc. and Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. worked together to complete the contract on time and deliver the highest quality.
This joint venture was a success, and we look forward to working with NFE manufacturing again in the future.