Power Transducer

Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. designed and manufactured a set of complex parts for a power transducer. The parts comprised of flexing, stainless steel assembly that converts acoustic power to mechanical power. The success of the project resulted in Etalim contracting Rainhouse to develop the bulk of their critical parts.

Project overview

Project name: Power Transducer H10 1kW TAC
Client: Etalim Inc.
Type of project: Concept and reliability demonstration
Industry: CNC Machining
Contract awarded: February 2016
Product delivered: March 2017
Location: Vancouver, BC

Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. met every quality and traceability standard and provided dependable, responsive service

Etalim Inc. builds small power-generation devices (1 – 10 kW) intended for reliable maintenance-free operation. At the heart of these systems is a flexing metallic assembly that converts acoustic power to mechanical power.

In 2016, Etalim awarded a contract to Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. to deliver a set of thin-walled, stainless steel parts with good dimensional accuracy and a fine surface finish in fatigue-prone areas. The project entailed production of an iteration of a power transducer for the purpose of validating performance and reliability. Etalim also required Rainhouse to complete the project on an aggressive timeline.

One of the project challenges was finding a manufacturer that could produce complex quality parts with production-level process control, but at prototype quantities, and then be able to scale up manufacturing as demand increased. Rainhouse met every challenge successfully.

Rainhouse also solved another problem for Etalim. Etalim was looking for a dependable, equal partner to develop and manufacture parts for future projects. Rainhouse has become that partner and is valued by Etalim for being responsive and knowledgeable and for delivering quality products that never require a contingency plan.

“Working with Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. means we do not have to address schedule and quality risks in obtaining our parts,” says Briac de Chardon, P.Eng., Engineering and Applications Manager at Etalim Inc. “The feedback through the design and quoting phase is a nice bonus, too.”

Thanks to Rainhouse’s dependable, responsive service and ability to meet every requirement for quality and traceability, Etalim has a solidly reliable partner they know they can trust now and in the future.