Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. is thrilled to partner with experienced industry leaders on the Thermach project. The goal of this project is to improve the future of CNC machining by implementing hybrid thermally assisted machining processes.

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Project overview

Project name: THERMACH (Thermally Assisted Machining of Difficult-to-cut Materials)
In Partnership With: SMRT, LUND, MagComp, Xylem, SECO, UNOTT, Tisics, OpTek, E6, ADL, SECO UK, NRC, TU Wien, myTool IT, BCC
Type of project: Research and Development, Engineering Design, and Manufacturing
Industry: Manufacturing Sector (including Aeronautic, Biomedical, Capital Goods)
Awarded: April 2021
Delivery: March 2024

Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. is committed to enhancing the methods employed to produce components and products of advanced metal matrix composite (MMC) materials.

The Problem
The manufacturing industry faces challenges when producing components of advanced metal matrix composites (MMC) materials. MMCs posses valuable physical and mechanical properties. However, the same material architecture comes with a downside of low production efficiency, high defectiveness of produced components, and associated high costs.

The Project Goal
This project aims to address the manufacturing industry challenges created from producing components and products of  MMC materials by implementing hybrid thermally assisted machining (TAM) processes.

Project Benefits
The software and hardware solutions we create for Laser-Assisted Machining (LAM) and Induction-Assisted Machining (IAM) processes will enable competitive and sustainable methods for MMC machining that will directly impact existing production environments in aeronautics, automotive, and capital goods industries.