Project Management

Our experience and expertise make us the go-to manufacturer for a diversity of industries.

Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. offers full in-house project management for manufacturing precision CNC machined parts. Let us help you with these complex logistics from idea to done.

Rainhouse Project Management

There are so many processes that go into manufacturing a precision CNC machined part from beginning to end. From procurement and vendor coordination, to arranging shipping and delivery – all while staying on a tight budget – it is no shock many companies feel overcome by the demands of project management. Our deep understanding of Canadian quality standards and industry requirements has made us a trusted partner and leader in the CNC machining and manufacturing industry. We have the qualifications, certifications, and the experience to manage the entire span of a multitude of industry projects, which allows us greater control over a successful delivery and guaranteed results.


Project Management
Project Management Product Design

Product Design

We are renowned for our design expertise and our ability to collaborate with clients. We can begin with your CAD/CAM file, drawing, or conceptual idea, or we can reverse engineer discontinued or end-of-life parts. During this phase, we work in collaboration with our clients. Rainhouse Canada will recommend the best raw materials or manage procurement of all parts to ensure long-term product resilience. Rainhouse Canada will also develop machining strategies for complex parts while reducing costs.

Assembly Services

By modifying your existing product or helping with the prototyping process, our team can help you reach the next step of the process. We will help you complete the design, procurement, and manufacturing of any components as well as the assembly to have a final product delivered to your hands.

Our clients trust us to manage every detail of every project without unexpected costs, delays, or problems. They know they can count on us—and so can you. Contact Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. today and let us help you bring your concept to a tangible result from idea to done.

Project Management Assembly Services

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