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35Ah -Repurposed Nissan LEAF battery module in a good condition. No significant damage, nothing broken or bent. May have scratches on the shielding due to removal process.

NOTE: This product has a maximum quantity limit of 4 for online ordering. Email for a higher quantity.

Gen 1 Nissan Leaf battery modules are typically in the 50-75% state of health (SoH) range and while no longer suitable for use in a Nissan Leaf, have many potential second-life applications in energy storage systems such as solar systems, backup power systems, off-grid power, RVs etc.

Nissan Leaf battery module specifications.

  • Number of Cells: 4
  • Layout: two in series, two in parallel
  • Dimensions: 290mm x 216mm x 30mm (L 12" x W 9" x H 1.2")
  • Weight: 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs)
  • Chemistry: Lithium manganese oxide/LMO (LiMn2O4)
  • Max Voltage: 8.2 Volts (4.1V/Cell)
  • Nominal Voltage: 7.6 Volts (3.8V/Cell)
  • Min Voltage: 6.0 Volts (3.0V/Cell)
  • Rated Capacity (new): 66.2 Ah, 503 Wh
  • Existing Capacity: 35 Ah, 266 Wh
  • Output terminal: M6 nut
  • Voltage sensing terminal: M4 nut

LeafSpy reports are collected for every pack prior to disassembly and modules from every pack are tested to verify LeafSpy report results.

Our capacity testing consists of a discharge from 8.2V to 6.0V at a constant 20A.

Our modules are sorted based on the LeafSpy report and tested capacity and ship in groups within 1Ah of each other, usually less.

Modules Capacity: 35Ah

All shipments will contain modules with the same state of health (SoH).

The exact capacities are subject to change and are based on availability. The capacity of the cells will be clearly labeled on each module. All modules will be shipped with terminal bolts.

3-month warranty.

We offer two types of modules. Ones with positive on the left side and one positive on the right side. When purchasing more than one module, please include your preference. If the request cannot be met, we will send an equal mix of orientations.

Disclaimer: These modules are intended for second-life use, not to be used in Nissan Leaf or other automotive applications.

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