Rainhouse Canada is thrilled to partner with experienced industry leaders to improve the future of machining.

Project overview

Project name: ToolSense
In Partnership With: The National Research Council (NRC), LUND University, Seco Tools, Accu-Svenska AB, Purmo and Element Six.
Type of project: Engineering Design, Manufacturing
Industry: Manufacturing Sector / Aeronautic Sector
Awarded: March 2020
Delivery: March 2023

Rainhouse Canada is commited to making progress in producing and developing Smart Cutting Tools for advanced manufacturing

The Project Goal
This project aims to develop, improve, and commercialize a multi-sensory Smart Cutting Tool capable of measuring and monitoring vibration, force, temperature, and acoustic emission. The information and feedback collected from this Smart Cutting Tool will be received and transmitted by nodes located on both the tool and the machine’s platform. This will allow manufacturers of advanced aeronautics and hydraulic components to improve existing production technologies and maximize efficiency while ensuring product quality.

Project Benefits
This project will directly impact the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine industry and scientific applications.
For industry, intelligent tooling will allow for continuous feedback to streamline machine operations. This process will help reduce waste, allow for cost savings, and minimize re-tooling. The different types of machines that fall under the CNC title perform functions that include lathes, milling, cutting, drilling, lasers, grinding, winding, and welding machines.
Scientific pursuits will also benefit by having access to specific time and position data from the sensors that could advance research and development capabilities for many industries.