Rainhouse Events | Unleashing Engineering Brilliance and Open House Wonders

Step into the world of Rainhouse, where events aren’t just gatherings; they’re experiences that spark curiosity and celebration. Whether you’re fueled by a passion for engineering marvels or simply curious about the world of manufacturing, at Rainhouse, innovation knows no bounds.

Engineering Showcase Competition

Rainhouse holds an annual engineering showcase which creates an opportunity for local students to exhibit their engineering projects as well as increases awareness of opportunities available in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) fields by creating networking opportunities for students, industry, and the general public.

Engineering Showcases


Open House Experience

Our open house celebrates the synergy between technology, creativity, and manufacturing excellence. Join us as we showcase precision manufacturing to clients, student teams, and neighbours, embodying our commitment to transparency and fostering connections. Explore our facility, witness our processes, and engage with passionate teams, unveiling the expertise that propels Rainhouse forward.

Open Houses