Rainhouse takes care of every detail, on time, and on budget.

By modifying your existing product or helping with the prototyping process, our team can help you reach the next step. Between our CNC machining, quality assurance, electronic and battery manufacturing services, Rainhouse can help you bring your concept to a tangible result.

CNC Machining

Since 2001 Rainhouse has been the go-to manufacturer for diverse industries. We use a project-based approach to manufacturing and have a full CNC machining division. Whether you’re prototyping or looking for a certified manufacturer, we can help you – from idea to done.

CNC Machining Services

Rainhouse CNC Machining and Manufacturing services

Rainhouse Coordinate-Measuring Machine Zeiss Duramax

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system guarantees that every part we make will meet your requirements. Our team team can inspect to any specification, for any application. Regardless of whose parts we inspect, our inspection report will be as detailed as you require.

Quality Assurance Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Rainhouse technologists are certified and specialized. We can help you with a range of activities, including sourcing raw materials and components, designing and prototyping products, manufacturing and assembling components, and testing and quality control. Whether you’re looking a full turnkey, consignment, or transactional service, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Electronic Manufacturing Services


Battery Manufacturing

With an exponential increase in Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturing, what happens to the batteries when they need replacement?
Through battery manufacturing, Rainhouse’s goal is to create energy storage solutions utilizing second-life EV batteries to power a wide variety of industry and community applications.

Battery Manufacturing Services

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