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By modifying your existing product or helping with the prototyping process, our team can help you reach the next step of the process. Between our project management (product design and assembly services), CNC machining, third party quality control inspection, electronic manufacturing services, and research and development we can help you bring your concept to a tangible result – from idea to done.

Project Management (Design and Assembly Services)

Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. Uses a project-based approach to manufacturing for a diversity of industries. We have the qualifications, certifications, and the experience to manage the entire span of a multitude of industry projects, which allows us greater control over a successful delivery and guaranteed results.


Our deep understanding of Canadian quality standards and industry requirements has made us a trusted partner and leader in manufacturing. From CNC machining to circuit board design and assembly, we diligently follow best safety practices and we continuously build a strong network of sub-suppliers to handle all type of projects

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Rainhouse Project Management Services
Rainhouse CNC Machining and Manufacturing services

CNC Machining and Manufacturing Services

We are industry leaders in manufacturing precision-machined components and complex mechanical assemblies. At Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd., superior product quality and traceability are givens in all our contract machining and manufacturing.

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Third-Party Quality Control Inspection

Rainhouse’s third-party quality assurance guarantees each of our CNC machined and manufactured parts meet industry standards for quality control.

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Rainhouse Quality Assurance Coordinate-Measuring Machine
Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. is an ISO-certified company that, since 2001, has been specializing in the manufacture of CNC machined parts and electronics. We are a highly versatile team of qualified, experienced design and manufacturing professionals with the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to adapt to the unique requirements of many key industries.

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Research and Development

We are always looking to innovate, create new processes, or improve existing ones. As big believers in innovation, we built our own in-house research and development department.

Our projects are internally developed or in collaboration with clients where we establish true partnerships. We’ve accomplished working with an international consortium to develop smart cutting tools.

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Energy Storage Solutions

Energy Storage Solutions and battery manufacturing is one of Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd.’s newest ventures. We have been able to engineer and assemble battery packs using new and second-life EV battery modules and cells to learn everything there is in the process.

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