Third-Party Quality Assurance

Rainhouse third-party quality assurance guarantees each of our CNC machined and manufactured parts meet industry standards for quality control.

Quality assurance and safety are top priorities at Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. We obtain and dispatch Material Traceability Certifications (MTCs) with our procured components.

What is Quality Assurance

In the context of manufacturing, Quality Assurance or (QA) is the method of managing quality. QA indicates the procedures that manufacturers employ as part of a quality management system. These procedures ensure the items produced meet the expected quality levels and are dependable. The Rainhouse quality assurance team is essential in our manufacturing process as we manufacture parts for a variety of industries which require high-precision parts with tight tolerances.


Rainhouse Quality Assurance Coordinate-Measuring Machine

First Article Inspection

A First Article Inspection (FAI) is a verification process which confirms that the production process creates conforming parts that meet industry standards. FAI is designed and established at the beginning of the CNC machining and manufacturing process to guarantee that the machines are set up correctly.

In Process Checks

Throughout the machining and manufacturing process, our quality assurance team works with our machinist to create In Process Checks (IPCs). These quality tools are a way to confirm and examine that the product’s physical parameters are in accordance with the predefined interval from the respective documents provided by the client.

Rainhouse Quality Assurance Mitutoyo Calipers
Rainhouse Quality Assurance Thread Gauges

Certificate of Conformance

Finally, our quality assurance team creates a Certificate of Conformance (CoC). This official certification declares a certain set of conditions have been met by the manufacturer. CoC confirms the imported product meets the required standard(s).

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