Meet your design and manufacturing team

At Rainhouse Canada, we love challenges, large and small, and we are diligent in our pursuit of perfection.

Ray Brougham
President, boss, owner, cheque-signer, and all ‘round good egg.

Teresa Wong
Operations Manager
Quiet, shy, mysterious, and operations manager extraordinaire.

Chris Lichty
Lead Machinist
Blinds us with the science of creating anything on the CNC machines.

Kory Pollner
Quality Director
Runs a tight ship in quality control and can grow one majestic beard.

Mike Rowley
Senior Mechanical
Leverages his decades of experience in the aerospace industry to lead the engineering team into victory.

Zeb Bossi
Quality Technician
From first article to final inspection, Zeb pays attention to the details.

Danielle Carr
Administrative Assistant
More than a pretty smile, she crunches numbers like nobody’s business.

Evan Hagerty
Project Manager
Tackles the most difficult projects and plays a mean guitar.


Andrew James
SMT Technician
Solders the tiniest of electronic components without breaking a sweat.

Neil Rynsoever
Has turned CNC into a fine art, and his great hair and sense of style is a plus.

Chris Timms
Machine Operator
Always calm, always cool, always gets it done.