Meet your design and manufacturing team

At Rainhouse Canada, we love challenges, large and small, and we are diligent in our pursuit of perfection.

Management Team

Ray Brougham
President, boss, owner, cheque-signer, and all ’round good egg.

Ray is the President and Founder of Rainhouse. He is a mechanical engineer with over 20 years of experience managing projects, working with clients, and leading a team.

Chris Lichty
VP of Manufacturing
Team commander and creator of anything imaginable on CNC machines.

Chris is an experienced machinist who can make almost any imaginable part a reality. He is also a great team leader, dog lover, and an excellent guide for apprentice machinists. He is also one of Rainhouse’s shareholders and Vicepresident of Manufacturing.

Teresa Wong
Operations Manager
Quiet, shy, mysterious, and operations manager extraordinaire.

Teresa knows it all. She always has all the answers regarding projects, materials, people, clients, and much more. She is the maestro of the Rainhouse orchestra and a loving dog mom.

Kory Pollner
Quality Director
Runs a tight ship in quality control and can grow one majestic beard.

Kory can basically do it all; he is a great machinist, critical thinker, and creative problem solver. He manages projects, finds solutions for our clients, and ensures everything done at Rainhouse meets the highest quality standards.

The rest of the team

Andrew Hagen
Electrical Engineer

Anthony Maki
Mechanical Engineer

Carling Stokes
Mechanical Engineer/ Assembly Lead

Matt MacLeod
Embedded Firmware Engineer

Eric Harrop
Mechanical Engineer / Machinist

Luke Shimizu

Richard Sproule
Apprentice Machinist

Jake Medley
Apprentice Machinist

David Gates
Lead Electronics Technologist

Renée Carmel
Electronics Technologist

Matt Cage
Quality Assurance Technician

Erick Turko
Quality Technician

Daniela Sosa
Marketing Coordinator

Arun Thomas
Office Manager

Steve Gosse
Supply Chain Coordinator