Meet Our Expert Manufacturing Team | Turning Your Ideas into Reality

We love challenges large and small, and we are diligent in our pursuit of perfection. We love challenges large and small, and we are diligent in our pursuit of perfection. Our skilled manufacturing team is comprised of CNC machinists, engineers, and technicians with a wide range of expertise. Our collective experience, knowledge, and capabilities enable us to seamlessly accommodate the distinctive needs of various essential industries.

Ray Brougham
President & CEO

Kory Pollner
Project Director

Teresa Wong
Operations Director

Chris Lichty

Neil Rynsoever

Jacob Medley
Apprentice Machinist

Renée Carmel
QMS Coordinator

Luke Shimizu

Carling Stokes
Manufacturing Manager

Richard Sproule
Apprentice Machinist

Eric Harrop

Bryanne Kitagawa
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Daniel Pothier
Full Stack Software Engineer

Gillian Brinas
Quality Assurance Technician

Alex Bannister
Mechanical Engineer

Vashishth Patel
Supply Chain Coordinator

Jack Coates
Electronics Technician

John George
Office Manager

Ben Marken
Battery Systems Technician

Alec MacMillan
Project Engineer

Eric Spence
Quality Assurance Technician

Our success story is deeply intertwined with the skills and dedication of our exceptional manufacturing team. Together, we bring expertise, precision, and creativity to every project we undertake. Our team is composed of highly skilled individuals who excel in their respective fields. From seasoned veterans with decades of experience to young talents eager to push the boundaries of what’s possible, we have cultivated a collaborative and dynamic environment where ideas flow freely and creativity thrives.

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