May 2022 Newsletter – Supply chain resiliency grant


May 2022 Newsletter – Supply chain resiliency grant

.Rainhouse and CanEv partnered to work on addressing a supply chain issue – the lack of local battery manufacturing capacity in BC.

With involvement from CanEv, UVic’s clean transportation research team, and Rainhouse, we all learned about new and used batteries, certification requirements, and the technical and market challenges associated with battery manufacturing for different applications.

We faced prominent supply chain issues when producing one prototype battery pack. This highlights why we need to grow this market in Canada and, more specifically, in BC.

We are honored to see the provincial government’s commitment to innovation and technology development on the West Coast. Rainhouse appreciates having the opportunity to explore and grow our knowledge and experience in battery manufacturing due to their funding initiatives.



A special thank you to The province of British Columbia , Canadian Electric Vehicles (CanEV) and UVics Clean Transportation Research team