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Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada Ltd. is a leading CNC machining and manufacturing company that supplies manufactured products to our clients within our service areas in Nunavut.

Embracing its identity since its establishment in 1999, Nunavut stands as a vibrant and distinctive territory with a governance structure of its own. As the largest and northernmost territory in Canada, Nunavut confronts extraordinary challenges arising from its remote locale. Located within the vast expanse of Canada’s Arctic region, Nunavut reveals a tapestry of awe-inspiring Arctic landscapes, adorned with sweeping tundra, rugged mountains, pristine fjords, and far-flung islands. CNC machining caters to the diverse needs of the territory, which encompass specialized equipment suited for Arctic conditions and the implementation of remote infrastructure projects, demands tailored solutions that accommodate the unique circumstances of Nunavut’s environment.


Rainhouse Services - CNC machining, Quality control, and Electronic Manufacturing Services

With limited access to manufacturing resources, Rainhouse’s CNC machining services is a vital tool for local industries to utilize. Rainhouse offers CNC machining services (such as CNC milling and CNC turning), quality control services (CMM CoC reports), and electronic manufacturing services. We use cutting-edge equipment and technology (for example 3 and 5-axis CNC milling and 3 and 8-axis CNC turning capabilities), to produce high-quality parts and components for a variety of industries.


A Trusted CNC Machining Manufacturer for Service Areas in Nunavut

Rainhouse is a premier CNC machining and manufacturing company. We are Canadian Controlled Goods registered, ISO 9001:2015 certified, and Class MA Boiler and Pressure Vessel Licenced (License No.: LPB0201365). Rainhouse is a leader in the Canadian manufacturing industry with a reputation for on-time, on-budget delivery, and a commitment to the highest standards.

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Your design, budget, procurement, assembly, and delivery requirements are our priorities. Whether you’re looking for a full turnkey, consignment, or transactional service, we’re here to help. If you are seeking a quote for your custom CNC machined parts in Nunavut, you can either fill out our online Request a Quote Form or contact us directly at 1 (855) 981-6868. We are eager to provide you with a fast and accurate quote!

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Our reputation depends on the precision of our work and the quality of our customer service. This is why we promise:

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Our team is comprised of innovative and highly skilled professionals who possess the experience, talent, and manufacturing capabilities necessary to effectively manage a diverse range of projects.

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The mature internal processes and audits ensure that we consistently meet all quality standards. We adhere to requirements for all projects, manage every detail, and guarantee quality.

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We collaborate with our clients at every stage of the project, sharing our extensive expertise to ensure innovative solutions, exceptional results, and industry-compliant products.

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