February 2022 Newsletter – ABCMI


February 2022 Newsletter – ABCMI

February’s Newsletter features the Association of British Columbia Marine industries. They are a crucial organization for the development and growth of the marine sector on the West Coast. ABCMI has continuously helped SMEs expand to new markets, and acquire new projects and capabilities. Rainhouse has been fortunate to have a long-standing relationship with board members and have received their guidance and collaboration with Rainhouse’s Annual Engineering Showcase event.

Rainhouse wants to share the association’s values, expertise, and services, as well as highlight their superb board members, such as Leann Collins, who has been with the association since its beginnings.

In this edition, you will understand their powerful impact in the industry and why Rainhouse is thrilled to be a member and continue supporting the association.

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To read more about the Association of British Columbia Marine Industries visit their website www.abcmi.ca